Help Elephants in Thailand

In Thailand there is a little lady with a big heart called Lek Chailert. In 1996 she founded Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai with a goal to rescue as many captive elephants from Thailand’s trekking camps, street begging and tourist shows. To make elephants do what they do for tourists they are stolen from their mothers as babies, then beaten and tortured from an early age and in the end they lead miserable lifes in chains.

For such an intelligent and social creature that is a nightmare. Lek tries to give them a life that resembles their wild lifes as much as possible. Considering the ever growing lack of wild habitat in Thailand and the fact that these elephants never really had a chance to learn to live in the wild that is the best that can be done.

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Manjeet Singh Yahiya professional known as Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria is a famous International Turban Coach and social worker. He runs a turban training academy known as Ferozpuria Turban Traing Centre. He also runs a NGO known as Ferozpuria Humanity club. He has more than 1.6 Million followers on Facebook, around 3,27,000 followers on Instgram and 300,000 subscribers on Youtube. Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria was born in village Mallu Wala, District Ferozepur , Punjab, (India) on 26th March, 1989. His father Bachittar Singh is a farmer and his mother Nirmal Kaur is a homemaker. He has two siblings , one elder brother Gurmeet Singh Sarpanch(head of village Mallu wala ) and one younger sister . He did his early schooling from Village Mallu Wala and completed his Graduation from Guru Nanak College, Ferozepur Cantt.He had a passion for tying turban from a very young age following his elder brother Gurmeet Singh Sarpanch. Manjeet started tying turban after watching his elder brother getting ready and tying turban. He started tying turban when he was only 10 years of age . When he was studying in 6th grade in school he used to tie very attractive turban and following different styles like Pochvi Dastaar (Morni) , Patiala Shahi Turban , wattan wali Pagg . When he went to the school after tying turban for the first time, his classmates and even the teachers and school principal applauded and appreciated him and gifted him a Pen and Copy. This appreciation gave Manjeet a new hope and a dream that he wanted to promote the sikh Turban and culture world wide so that every young boy shall tie beautiful turban and and every girl ties a Dumalla Dastaar. He made a record of tying the turban in 22 seconds . Later on he made the record of tying turban in 1 minute and 20 seconds while riding a bullet motorcycle .Moving onto 2007 , Manjeet Singh made his passion to his occupation and started Turban Training center by the name of Ferozpuria Turban Training Centre at Amritsar and Bathinda city in Punjab. He gave his academy the name of his home city so that he can make his city proud and famous. Manjeet's efforts started bearing fruit and Manjeet's popularity started transcending border of Bathinda. Manjeet never looked back and now he is regularly invited not only from different States of India, but also from foreign lands for teaching the art of turban-tying. Manjeet Singh was invited for turban training camps in different cities of Punjab like Amritsar , Barnala , Bathinda ,Faridkot , Fatehgarh Sahib Ferozepur , Gurdaspur , Hoshiarpur , Jalandhar , Kapurthala , Ludhiana , Mansa ,Muktsar ,(Sri Muktsar Sahib). ,Patiala , Rupnagar , Tarn Taran , Zira , Moga , Malout , Kotakpura , Chandigarh , Mohali and other states of India .After that Manjeet Singh started giving turban coaching services for youngsters and children , providing turban tying services for marriage ceremonies and movies and song shoots . During this period he got a chance of working with many renowned artists like famous singer and actor Gurdass Maan, Harbhajan Maan , Mehtab Virk , Veet Baljit etc. In 2012 Manjeet Singh was invited to give a live performance at the closing ceremony of 3rd World Kabaddi Cup held at Guru Nanak Stadium , Ludhiana where he tied turban while riding on 2 bullet motorcycles. For his performance manjeet Singh was given a rousing applause by the audience and also appreciated by the Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Parkash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal. His performance was watched live by over 70000 audience and world vide by millions of viewers over the TV at national and International level. After this achievement he started getting invitations from the NRI diaspora and in 2014 Manjeet singh visited Singapore and Malaysia for his 1st International Turban training camp which attracted lot of youngsters and was very succesfull. And thereafter Manjeet Singh became famous International Turban Training Coach.There after in 2015 Manjeet Singh for a Europe tour of all European countries for turban training camp. The tour was sponsored by Mr. Balwinder Singh Gurdaspuria who was an ardent follower of Manjeet Singh on social media and was very impressed by his art of tying turban . And For the promotion of Sikh culture and turban he contacted Manjeet Singh for the Europe tour. During this tour Manjeet Singh held turban training camps in around 40 countries starting from Stating from Germany ,Poland , Belgium , France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria Switzerland ,Andorra , Finland , SPAIN Monaco , Italy , Portugal ,Finland, Latvia , Romania , Moldova Liechtenstein , San Marino , ENGLAND NETHERLAND , CROATIA , CZECH , UKRAINE ,WALES ,SLOVENIA ,MONACO ,BULGARIA , SERBIA , MALTA , MONTENEGRO ESTONIA , GEORGIA , HUNGARY , Greece, LUXEMBOURG.After his successful Europe tour in 2015, Manjeet Singh went again for Europe Tour in 2017 and 2018 which were equally successful. In 2019 , Manjeet Singh went for tour of New Zealand where he was invited to hold turban tying camp at the Annual Sikh Games held at Takanini , Auckland wherein a large number of NRI Punjabi Diaspora participated and tied turban . Not only Punjabi people , persons of other religion and other countries also participated and tied turban and gained information about the importance of turban . During the camp more than 2000 turbans and dumala were tied Alongwith tying turban Manjeet Singh was also involved in social work. He helped needy and poor people by arranging Langar (free community food) , medicines , clothes , weddings of poor girls , medical treatment , school fees of needy child through his NGO initiative Ferozpuria Humanity Club which is a registered society with the Registrar of Firms and Societies .During the covid 19 , the Ferozpuria Humanity Club led by Manjeet Singh helped a lot of people by distributing food and other essentials door to door . And till date the NGO is helping a lot of needy and poor people all over the Punjab.Recently Manjeet Singh got the opportunity to tie turban on Rahul Gandhi during the Punjab leg of Bharat Jodo yatra Campaign.Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria got opportunity to decorate turban on Rahul Gandhi; got bouquets and brickbats.Internationally acclaimed for his turban-tying skill, Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria is in the headlines these days for tying a turban on Rahul Gandhi's head. He is being praised and criticised for it. He is being condemned for decorating a turban on Rahul Gandhi mainly because he belongs to that, family which had ordered attack on the Akal Takht Sahib. Manjeet Singh ferozpuria defends himself saying it that there is no direction from the Gurus as to on whose head a turban can be and whose head it can't be. Manjeet Singh clarified that he decorated turban on Rahul Gandhis’s head because he was to pay obeisance at Darbar Sahib. Manjeet Singh admired Rahul's move of touching the turban on his forehead before wearing it and also praised Rahul's decision of picking the saffron coloured from the seven different coloured turbans. Manjeet Singh recalled some BJP leaders approached to prepare a turban so that it can be put on PM Modi's head. Manjeet refused them saying Manjeet refused them saying it that he can tie a turban on Modi's head but can't prepare a turban which will be put on his head like a cap. Punjab Congress President Raja Warring compared Modi and Rahul's attitude as regards to turban-tying, and he eulogised Rahul for his respectful attitude towards the turban. Regarding the act of turban-tying, Manjeet Singh says that he can wear a turban even on an enemy as one can have differences with a person, but can't have a negative attitude on the pious work of wearing a turban. Manjeet Singh stressed as he is a professional turban- tyer, he is merely doing his duty and that too pious one. On his criticism of tying the turban on Rahul’s head despite the attack on the Akal Takht Sahib at behest of Indira Gandhi , Manjeet Singh argued that a grandson cannot be punished for a mistake committed by his grand mother. Manjeet Singh lamented when he decorated a turban on Gurdas Mann's head, he was condemned for doing it on this ground that he had shown disregard to Punjabi language. Manjeet Singh further said that he was censured for visiting Sukhbir Badal's house for teaching his son how to tie a turban on this ground that Badal family is considered involved in blasphemy. Manjeet Singh feels himself standing at the crossroads and finds it difficult as to where to go and where not to go meaning what to do and what not to do. In 2006, Manjeet Singh had started Ferozpuria Dastar Academy at Bathinda and Amritsar .

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