Help Elephants in Thailand

In Thailand there is a little lady with a big heart called Lek Chailert. In 1996 she founded Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai with a goal to rescue as many captive elephants from Thailand’s trekking camps, street begging and tourist shows. To make elephants do what they do for tourists they are stolen from their mothers as babies, then beaten and tortured from an early age and in the end they lead miserable lifes in chains.

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Get involved & change this world to a better place

When you learn just how similar elephants are to us humans, how powerful yet gentle, how intelligent, social and caring, then you notice that they actually possess all of humans’ best qualities and not many of the bad. There is a lot that we could learn from them, but somehow we choose to ignore it and think we’re the “know it alls” on this planet.

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